Aw Hell, Phaedra Parks Made Tootie Cry!


Over the last few seasons, various additions to the cast have left Real Housewives of Atlanta something I have not cared to watch.  And frankly, the fact that there are fewer wives and mothers on the show makes it not exactly live up to the title  That aside, I was particularly moved by a preview of tonight’s episode that featured a moment of realization between Phaedra Parks and new housewife, Kim Fields.

I grew up watching Kim who made appearances on Good Times in the 1970’s, in commercials saying “right on, Christie!,” while championing Barbie’s black friend, on Facts of Life in the 1980’s, and again on the 1990’s sitcom Living Single with Queen Latifah.  I even enjoyed her directing work on the Tyler Perry sitcoms.

Kim is now crying to Phaedra saying how she lost herself and it is eerily reminiscent of when Mrs. Gordon told Wilona the same on an episode of Good Times before she abandoned Penny (played by Janet Jackson).  Not because Kim is a bad or abusive mother, she’s actually the opposite, you hear as much in the exchange she has with Phaedra.  I say it because Kim’s mother, Chip, played Mrs. Gordon she looks just like her.  You are reminded that she comes from a show business family (her younger sister Alexis had a recurring role on Moesha in the 1990’s).

Phaedra gives her some sound advice about finding things that she likes to do, but ignores one main factor that is difficult for people like Fields, this is probably the first time in her life she is not working and doesn’t know how to do that. Phaedra is forgetting that working, for her was a choice.  Kim became a model, then actress before she even knew what that meant and has been doing it longer than some of us have been alive. It is an adjustment that those of us who are not famous, or who like Phaedra, were gifted fame in adulthood cannot possibly understand.
I hope THIS Kim is a good fit for the show. I still won’t be watching.

RHOA airs on Bravo at 8pm EST (I, think)


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