So Black Pastors Met with Donald Trump…And!?


This may come as a surprise to Donald Trump, but NO, you are not getting the black vote. N-O! You can beg, borrow, steal and pimp our pastors…and in fact, he tried.

So one pastor who, for whatever reason, believes his relationship with Trump will flourish into something more than nothingness agrees to get a “coalition” of black pastors together to “endorse” this blowhard. That’s not even the laughable part.  As African-Americans, we know this political tactic all too well of trying to buy our vote from the pulpit. Not only do we know, but we have openly said as much. Apparently Trump didn’t get that memo.

Anyhow, this pastor then goes and sends invites out to the pastors. He gets few responses.  They then resort to texting —YES, TEXTING— these pastors and ask them to attend (insert laughter here). So they get responses. Now, the pastors are told it is just a meeting to discuss the issues that are important to the black constituency in this election cycle, NOT that their attendance at said meeting will be viewed and publicized as an endorsement.

The Trump folks and Preacher Nobody then release a list of the “100 black pastors to endorse Donald Trump,” only the list is copious in the number because it included invitees, not those whose attendance was actually confirmed, and it also stated that they were endorsing him and that did not go over so well.

The pastors began to speak out and in a “yessir, Massa Trump, I’s sorry” moment, Preacher Nobody then says that it was his fault, he led the campaign to believe it would be an endorsement.

The dissent from the pastors who publicly spoke on this sham of a press conference was not a good look for the Donald, he then cancels the media spectacle and holds a private meeting with those who agreed to show, all the while saying that there were 100. A preacher who was in the room confirmed the table held 20, there were 15 chairs against a wall, 5 by a door, and 5 outside the room. Forty-five is a far cry from 100, but when you are Donald Trump a campaign rally of 2,000 is 10’s of thousands. At the end of the meeting, the pastors were given endorsement cards to sign. Again, only a few (less than a dozen) signed, but in Trump talk this was blown up to “many, many endorsements.” Of course he did not give a specific number, he gives specifics on nothing, and is rarely called on his bullshit why expect him to change course now?

After this whole saga, I am with Rev. Corletta Vaughn who was one of the pastors who vehemently refused to grace that low-class wannabe politician with her presence:  “this was a get-played moment for the preachers. Put them in the same room, take pictures, and then you can put anything you want, in terms of content, with a picture.”

No doubt he will!


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