Stomp Out Racism, One ‘Sally Bigot’ At a Time


A solemn reminder to those who are working to change how your racist brethren treat PoC —never take a break because we never get one:

About 10 minutes ago I boarded a train headed to NYC, very crowded. I sit adjacent to a white woman on a laptop who keeps looking at me in disdain. Every 10 seconds, her eyes sear at me in disgust as though she wants to ask me to move but is afraid. She uneasily looks across at the white man waiting for him to say something. He reads his paper, she continues typing but keeps staring in my direction hoping this will make me move. I am on my way to work just like she is. Sadly, it is also my last day due to a lay off so I have other things of greater concern on my mind and dealing with petty racism is the last thing I want on my plate. But I don’t have that option of just not being black, colorless or “colorblind” for the day because the Sally Bigots of the world greet me at my front door—-this morning it was the train—-with their racism. And so I must deal.

And so must you.

Sally Bigot isn’t my problem, she’s yours, allies. My speaking out doesn’t stop her, but your silence gives her permission to continue to use the covert microaggressions to intimidate PoC and feel she has the right to do so; to feel that in 2015, she can “Rosa Parks” me. This has to stop and you have to work to do because in 2020 more than half the country will consist of people who look like me/other PoC and the Sally Bigots won’t get any better; they will only get worse. They’re killing us now…who do you think they will come for next!?

I typed this whole post on my phone as Sally Bigot leered at me.  It only occurred to me afterward that she probably never once thought I could be documenting injustice or racial discomfort, but that I was merely texting something frivolous. There is nothing frivolous about fighting hatred. Remember that!


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