Showing Pictures of Daniel Holtzclaw Crying is Unfair to His Victims

meet-white-police-officer-daniel-holtzclaw-who-sexually-assaulted-13-black-womenPublished by For Harriet on Monday, December 14, 2015.

Rarely do we read about cases where African-American women are serial raped and said rapist is captured, tried and convicted, but that is exactly what happened in Oklahoma, of all places, in the trial of former Oklahoma City police officer Daniel Holtzclaw.

Upon hearing his conviction, Holtzclaw faced the jury of his peers and tearfully mouths the words, “how could you do this?” As in, “how can you, an all-white jury, convict a white man of raping those black women?”  Despite the fact that there was irrefutable evidence to support the victim’s claims, including DNA, Holtzclaw and his attorneys sought to vehemently proclaim his innocence by comparing the women he was was accused of assaulting to Tawana Brawley saying that there was an “agenda” of sorts and a conspiracy to ruin his image.  Holtzclaw’s sister even went so far as to sell “Free Holtzclaw” t-shirts, and a Facebook page was set up to offer comfort and support to his family while re-victimizing the women he attacked and revisiting old stereotypes about black women and promiscuity.


Read the full article:

Update: The jurors in this case are speaking out.  See what one has to say in an interview with Oklahoma City television news station, KOKO.  Again, very little attention is paid to the victims.

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