16 Most Memorable Black Twitter Moments of 2015


Published by Atlanta Blackstar, December 22, 2015

For the last three years, at least, Black Twitter has been drawing attention to the issues of critical importance to the African-American community, and having a bit of fun while poking at the irony of racism in our society.

No longer viewed as a group of social media watchdogs, Black Twitter’s backlashes offer valid criticisms and have had the power to galvanize support for change and apology.  In 2015, Black Twitter solidified its presence as a group that has major influence that can wield significant power over the the public’s perception of race-related issues and force mainstream media to pay attention to those who are often marginalized or left out of the the discussion altogether.

Using hashtags, Black Twitter offers commentary that would seldom be seen in traditional media spaces, and acts as the social media version of a 24-hour Black news cycle. This year was a banner year for Black Twitter, with some of the most memorable hashtags that some say “broke the internet.”


Read the full article at: http://atlantablackstar.com/2015/12/22/16-memorable-black-twitter-moments-2015/




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