Four Years Later and Mitt Romney is STILL the Most Boring Person in the GOP



Mitt Romney’s “read” of Trump today was the most boring thing I ever read.  Some in the press have called it “scathing.” Really!?  Let me be honest, I didn’t even bother to watch, I wasn’t a fan of The Munsters when it was on repeats in the 1980’s and I’m not a fan of Mitt Romney’s  real-life version, either.  Instead, I read the transcript, napped midway through and picked up somewhere near the end AFTER watching the rest of a Murder, She Wrote episode.

Mitt Romney stops short of being truthful.  He still hasn’t learned that sugarcoating facts or the past with hyperbole has no place in politics when a presidency is at stake.  It was the mistake he made in 2012 when he lost and he is doing the same now.  Let me remind you, I am not affiliated with the GOP in any way.  I have never voted for that party, ever.  However, I have noticed that the GOP and other voters have been weak in how they address Donald Trump and his racism.

Stop pussyfooting with the lingo, already, and call this man what he is!

Convincing Trump’s supporters at this point is futile, they love him, they love his bigotry and they accept him as being just like them, white sheets and all.  Mitt Romney really needed to speak in the language of the Democratic party, the language that would give Dems even more incentive to get out and vote. Because, see, a Trump win in November is not about how Republicans vote in the primary or what happens at their convention, it will be a direct result of whether Democratic voters, specifically women and people of color make a showing at the polls.  They missed their mark at Super Tuesday, he’s going to be their nominee, they know it and they aren’t happy about it.

Mister Romney, we can not forget how you accepted a Trump endorsement in 2012 because it helped to court the racist wing of the party. You made dinner with the two of you a “thing.”  You were basically in speechless awe at the presser where you happily accepted his endorsement, stating, “having his endorsement is a delight.  I am so honored and pleased to have his endorsement.”  Trump’s rhetoric hasn’t changed one bit since 2012, and clearly, neither have you.

Who was Romney trying to fool with that dry milquetoast drivel? I agree with an article in The Nation calling for Mitt to apologize for giving Trump the national stage in politics.  They got it so right, “Donald Trump was to Mitt Romney what David Duke is to Donald Trump.” All that nonsense talk in an unnecessary press conference.  He gave us a speech when what he really needed to say was, “I did this, I’m sorry,” drop the mic and walk away.



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