Shared from WordPress: “Steve Barron: How I Made The Billie Jean Video With Michael Jackson”


All Things Michael relays the story behind the making of Michael Jackson’s music video for the song “Billie Jean” from 1982’s Thriller album.  Directed by Steve Barron, “the video sees Jackson portray an enigmatic figure with seemingly magical powers, trailed by a shadowy ‘private eye’ type character, and is very in keeping with Barron’s other work from this time, where fantasy, familiar iconography and technical innovations fused with pop culture. His brief time working with the King of Pop left an indelible impression.”

Billie Jean, filmed with a budget of only $50,000 (compared to Jackson’s Scream which cost $6.9 million and is the most expensive music video ever produced), was one of the first videos featuring a black artist to get regular airplay on MTV.  The song was later performed by Jackson for the televised Motown anniversary special, Motown 25, where he debuted his infamous Moonwalk.

Read the full story at All Things Michael: Steve Barron: How I Made The Billie Jean Video With Michael Jackson –


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