Wherever You Are (For Prince)

Six months….half a year….
When I lost a friend some years ago, my sister told me that time passes, seasons change and the only thing that remains the same is the pain that someone who once was is no longer here. So I have come to not only view death as the passage of time, but as days turn into months, I view it as the passage of seasons and eventually, like all things, seasons return.
Wherever You Are (For Prince)
Spring has passed, taking you with her.
And I am jealous that she can now be wherever you are for eternity.
Summer came and away she went, too…to that place you now call home.
That place…
The one that is so very far from me.
With fall comes memories of you I have always held dear.
But soon she, too, will go away to be yours and bask with you in that heavenly place.
Then winter will hit me with her coldness before she goes to find you as well.
I know Spring will return, not the one I wish I could have again, but one who knows you,
And where you are.
And when she does,
In April, I will ask her to tell me the good word.
“How has he been?
What new sounds have you heard?”

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