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‘ One of David Gest’s final radio interviews reveals the late star discussing his good friend Michael Jackson and reuniting The Jackson 5 back in 2001. Music producer Gest died at the age of 62 on Tuesday , with the cause of death being treated as unexplained. The US star grew up with Jackson and […]

via David Gest’s Final Radio Interview About His Delight At Reuniting The Jackson’s — ALL THINGS MICHAEL

Shared from WordPress: Fan-produced Documentary Shows Michael Jackson’s Continued Impact on the World


A newly released fan-produced documentary about Michael Jackson’s fans, known collectively as “Moonwalkers,” captures his influence on their lives across time starting from their earliest exposure, to the height of his career, and since his passing.  Over the course of nearly 40 minutes, Moonwalkers from various countries and backgrounds share their fondest memories and explain their dedication to sharing his phenomenal talent.

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Shared from WordPress: “‘Ease On Down’ The Wards Island Bridge– NY”


All Things Michael details the history of the Wards Island Bridge in New York City.  The bridge, which opened to the public in 1951 was considered aesthetically unpleasant.  Still, it was used throughout the 1978 Motown/Universal Pictures film, The Wiz, starring Diana Ross, Michael Jackson, Nipsey Russel, Ted Ross (no relation to Diana), Richard Pryor, Mabel King, and Lena Horne.  Covered with yellow brick-like linoleum, it was the scene for the film’s musical performance of “Ease On Down The Road.”


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All Things Michael reports the upcoming release of a Paul McCartney anthology of his solo work entitled, Pure McCartney.  The 67-song collection will feature a re-issue of McCartney’s duet with Michael Jackson, “Say, Say, Say.”  The scheduled release date is June 10.

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Shared from WordPress: “Steve Barron: How I Made The Billie Jean Video With Michael Jackson”


All Things Michael relays the story behind the making of Michael Jackson’s music video for the song “Billie Jean” from 1982’s Thriller album.  Directed by Steve Barron, “the video sees Jackson portray an enigmatic figure with seemingly magical powers, trailed by a shadowy ‘private eye’ type character, and is very in keeping with Barron’s other work from this time, where fantasy, familiar iconography and technical innovations fused with pop culture. His brief time working with the King of Pop left an indelible impression.”

Billie Jean, filmed with a budget of only $50,000 (compared to Jackson’s Scream which cost $6.9 million and is the most expensive music video ever produced), was one of the first videos featuring a black artist to get regular airplay on MTV.  The song was later performed by Jackson for the televised Motown anniversary special, Motown 25, where he debuted his infamous Moonwalk.

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This week, Janet Jackson announced in a recorded message to her fans plans to postpone her Unbreakable World Tour.  The youngest sibling of the Jackson family stated that she “under doctor’s orders” is going to take the time to rest as she and husband, Wasim, start planning for a family.  Jackson, 49, has had to cancel several shows due to undisclosed health issues since it launched in 2015.  The announcement is a first for Jackson, who makes a concerted effort to maintain her privacy and avoid the the type of public scrutiny and tabloid journalism that has haunted several members of her family, specifically her late brother, Michael.  She has promised fans that as soon as she is able, the tour will continue.

All Things Michael also covered this story on their site:

Shared: “Michael Jackson Busted Out The Moonwalk 33 Years Ago Today On ‘Motown 25’”


See: Michael Jackson Busted Out The Moonwalk 33 Years Ago Today On ‘Motown 25’ –

In a prelude to his own performance, Marvin Gaye said of Motown and the passage of time, “my loved ones, yesterday was the birthplace of today and today is the birthplace of forever.” Marvin’s words were the foreshadowing of a moment that was to come moments after.

Motown 25 was a celebration of the past and accomplishments that were unusually rare for Black artists in America. It was a celebration of love, music and cultural heritage. Most significantly, it was the birthplace of the “King of Pop.” Whether we knew what was to come or not, that one moment in our history is the moment Michael Jackson became “King.” It was a title he earned and deserved and it was a moment so special that many of us didn’t experience any similar until November 3, 2008 when Barack Obama was elected president. It was that same emotion we felt watching the poll results come in that many of us felt 25 years prior.

For whatever is said or written about Michael Jackson, the one thing that cannot be stressed enough is how he revolutionized American popular music.  He upped the ante every time he came out and our lives, our culture are all the better for it.